Nemo H2: The First Ecofriendly Electrical Boat

In a busy port like Amsterdam, where crowd and pollution is a regular phenomenon, discovery of a hydrogen fuel powered boat with zero pollutant emission must make news.

The Fuel Cell Boat Construction B.V has launched their new discovery, Nemo H2, the canal boat, on 10th December, 2009.

The new technique uses Oxygen and Hydrogen gas to mix and generate water and electricity that is stored in cells and later used to drive the boat. No air-polluting gas is produced this way.

It can store 24kg Hydrogen gas in each of its 6 cylinders under high pressure. Nemo H2 can sail on the canal with a maximum load of 86 people and 2 crew staff.

The wonder boat will ride at a speed of 8.6 knots/hour maximum and has an average endurance of 7 knots during a 9-hour journey.

From the coming spring tourists can enjoy a ride on this zero-CO2 canal cruise by paying some extra pence. This is because the manufacturers and owners (the Lovers Boat Company) need to meet the excessive cost of refilling Hydrogen fuel everyday.

However, they expect that with the advancement of modern techniques meant to ease using Hydrogen as a fuel, the costs will be lowered.

December 19, 2009
The New Ecologist


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