Good News From The First Solar Plant In Palestine

Palestine received their first solar thermal power plant completely in action on December, 2009.

The plant has been housed in Talitha Kumi School, Beit Jala. The main purpose of this solar plant will be to supply electricity for heating water and central heating of the rooms.
The school where this plant is homed is a pretty large building with hundreds of regular students, residential students, guesthouse for visitors and they cost a huge amount for utility charge.

The principal is happy because of the fact that the new solar plant will save them a lump some 20,000 euro every year. Moreover every part of the school will be on a regular supply of heat and water.

The new system will also reduce greenhouse gas by 57 tons every year that is emitted by the school.

This 200 sq. meter spread plant is a part of DENA’s (a German Energy Agency) solar project for foreign markets.

This organization builds solar roof plants around the world and spreads alternative power source consciousness among people. The solar power collectors are donated by Ferrostal, a German organization.

People around the world may be less aware of alternative power sources, but the students of Talitha Kumi are quite familiar with the facilities of solar energy. A group of students is taking care of the collection system of this solar plant.

They really should serve as an example.

December 21, 2009
The New Ecologist


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