Adrere Amellal: The Perfect Getaway for the Eco Adventurer

If you are craving to break away from the clutches of the modern world and are in need of simpler living, the Adrere Amellal Desert Ecolodge is possibly one of the most perfect escapes imaginable, especially for the culturally aware and environmentally sensitive global traveler.

Make a Booking RequestRecently awarded as one of the top Ecolodges of 2009 by National Geographic Adventure, Adrere Amellal is an absolutely beautiful Nature Lodge overlooking Lake Siwa, built by hand with mud and salt brick blending into the foot of the White Mountain cliffs in Egypt.

Leading the way in sustainable development, this luxury lodge has been built with indigenous material using traditional Siwan building techniques and styles which have a proven minimal impact on the environment. Along with construction, the operations of the ecolodge’s goal is to provide no interference with the natural habitats of the area.

One of the most exciting features of Adrere Amellal is that is has an extremely low energy consumption mostly due to the fact that they have no electricity whatsoever. The rooms and surrounding area is lit up by beeswax candles and the starry desert sky, which make evenings absolutely breathtaking. On cooler evenings coal-filled braziers are used for heating and adequate ventilation is used for warmer days so no air conditioning is necessary.

Every spacious room here is unique and is decorated with local artisan furniture and crafts, paying tribute to nature and the native heritage.

Adrere Amellal also offers some of the most delectable cuisine imaginable. Food prepared at the lodge is organically grown on the grounds or is sourced locally allowing for food to be of the highest quality and bursting with flavor. Meals are served in a different location each day adding a special touch to your dining experience.

Being set among the desert sand dunes, this is an exciting area to explore. From the Siwa’s salt lakes, guided excursions, the ruins of Shali Fortress and the local market place with full of locally made handicrafts, you will surely be swept away by this areas amazing culture and heritage.

With a commitment to preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the destination as well as the overall environmental sustainability of the location, Adrere Amellal is more than just a luxury getaway; it is a place unique unto itself and is one vacation that you will truly never forget.

by Melanie Zieba
January 14th, 2010
The Kiwi Collection Jetsetter


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