China’s Largest Concentrated Solar Power Plant

CALIFORNIAN concentrated solar power specialist eSolar has licensed its technology for the construction of China’s largest concentrated solar power plant.

eSolar signed the licensing deal with Penglai Electric, a privately-owned manufacturer of electrical power equipment. Penglai Electric intends to build 2 GW of solar thermal power plants in China by 2021. Construction on the first 92 MW plant will begin later this year and will be owned and run by China Shaanxi Yulin Huayang New Energy. All plants will be located alongside biomass electricity generation facilities. eSolar estimates that up to 15m t/y of CO2 emissions could be saved.

Thermal, or concentrated solar power plants, consist of a large field of heliostats (specially designed mirror-like panels), which track the movement of the sun and reflect its light to a central tower containing a thermal receiver. The concentrated heat raises steam within the receiver which is then used to drive a turbine. eSolar says the technology is modular and therefore easily scalable, and as modules are pre-fabricated they can be easily installed without the need for specialist labour.

Zhao Weikang, chairman and president of Shaanxi Yulin Huayang New Energy says: “To date, eSolar offers the only CSP tower technology that has demonstrated commercial maturity and economic feasibility. We’re excited to build our initial hybrid plant as part of the 170 km2 Yulin Alternative Energy Park, the first large-scale alternative energy park in China.”

Chinese solar thermal agreement for eSolar
Promises 2 GW of generation with licensed technology
by Helen Tunnicliffe
The Chemical Engineer


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