Scottish Island Gets Green Prize

A small island in Scotland, home to a community of about 100 people, was awarded £300,000 (US$487,000) from the Big Green Challenge by the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts. Solar power was part of the islanders’ efforts to go green.

Life is not very simple on the wind-swept island of Eigg, a small Hebridean island lashed by the Atlantic elements. But the islanders of Eigg rose to the challenge to create a more sustainable lifestyle for themselves and launched a network of ´green islands’. Now their year-long efforts to go green have been acknowledged and rewarded.

According to the Islands Going Green website, solar panels were fitted to homes and public buildings. Insulation projects also made a difference to the lives of householders. Besides, cycling was encouraged and other measures were taken to cut down on fossil fuel dependence.

“The Big Green Challenge has given me and many other younger folk the opportunity to get involved and work within the community on projects over the last year where we haven’t felt confident or lacked in experience to contribute before,” said 31-year-old project manager Tasha Lancaster, who was born and bred on Eigg.

Not all was just hard work and sacrifice, though. Some of the green activities involved in the project were intended for fun as well. Such was the case with the Giant Green Footsteps Festival, which drew hundreds to the island to enjoy ceilidh music, drama and learn about ways to tread more lightly on the planet.

Lucy Conway, one of the team of volunteers in London to receive the award, added: “It’s a fantastic recognition of all the amazing hard work that people on Eigg have put in over the last twelve months and of the faith other people worldwide have had in us.”

The prize will help the islanders to further their plans to reduce the place’s carbon footprint, she says.

Scottish island gets green prize
by apasolini on January 14, 2010


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