Lexus shows latest hybrid crossover, the CT 200h

Lexus is showing off its new compact hybrid five-door crossover, the CT 200h, and pledges to bring it to the New York Auto Show at the end of the month.

The CT, the latest in a line of confusing letter designators for its vehicles, made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show and Toyota hopes that it will be the only vehicle in its class by the time it finally hits the market.

“The CT 200h combines luxury features, eye-catching styling and driving excitement that we know will attract a whole new buyer to the Lexus brand,” says U.S. Lexus boss Mark Templin.

The Lexus CT 200h evolved from the LF-Ch concept unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. It’s supposed to appeal to rich, environmentally conscious motorists who need a bit more space than a sedan can provide.

The CT 200h has a tiny, at least by luxury standards, 1.8-liter gas engine with variable valve timing. It will have an eco mode that controls the throttle and air conditioning settings in a way that minimizes fuel consumption. The sport mode will make the power steering respond faster.


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