Tesla Roadster, The First Electric Car That Wins A Race

Tesla Roadster, The First Electric Car That Wins A Race
Published on 30 March 2010 by Marius Maria in Electric, SuperCars, Tesla

Tesla Roadster has managed to win the Monte Carlo Alternative Energy, after defeating alternative fuel powered vehicles or electric.

Tesla Roadster, the first electric series sports model begins to be known and recognized in the FIA competitions also. Although it seems hard to believe, the model with an autonomy of only 200 miles won their first competition at the Alternative Energy Monte Carlo Rally.

The supercar won against competitors who ran all powered by alternative fuels or electric energy. Tesla Roadster succeeds as the first electric model to win a competition homologated by FIA.

To lift the trophy, Tesla had to go through nearly 620 miles during three days, tailored distance on freeways, mountain roads, through cities and on the Formula 1 circuit in Monte Carlo.The supercar which accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.9 seconds, was led to success by the former Formula 1 pilot, Eric Comas.

Many where surprised when, at the end of the three days competition the roadster could boast by only 25 euros spent on recharging.

With a new engine on which Americans say is more powerful but more efficient, Tesla Roadster will certainly be a compulsory acquisition for American celebrities eager to show their support for environmental protection. Carbon fiber used without stinginess and the fine leather will delight the eyes of the new owners.


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