Abu Dhabi To Build First Full Eco-City

April 7th, 2010

When we talk about the Middle East Asia, we imagine harsh terrain, blazing sun and sand dunes. Abu Dhabi is a part of the United Arab Emirates. Its currently hostile area is being developed as the world’s first carbon neutral city in the coming 5 to 10 years. This city will be a green example that will not be constructed using polluting technologies and fossil fuels. The greatest irony is this city would be located in a country that is a leading producer of fossil fuels. Its architects and designers claim that the city will be powered up by various forms of renewable energy, including solar and wind power.

The scorching heat during daytime in the desert will not be easy. This time architects decided to take the intense heat from the blazing sun into their stride. They want to make sun their ally not an adversary. They will incorporate many new solar technologies into the city, including centralization devices. These devices would concentrate sunlight gathered by mirrors into a central tower. This tower would then send a 1-meter-thick stream of light into various generators, for generation of power. The whole city will be dominated by a large LED, which will be affixed onto the rooftop of a wind turbine. The city is christened as Masdar City.

If Masdar city’s LED tower is showing blue light then it means that all the power levels in the city are running accordingly.If the LED is showing red light that means renewable sources of power are unable to generate sufficient power for the time being. Cars will not be allowed in the Masdar city. Therefore inhabitants of Masdar will not suffer from pollutions caused by carbon dioxide. Masdar city will be free of large structures such as skyscrapers. The architects want to reduce the amount of baking needed to make the cement. If you want to go from one place to another walk or use underground transport system. It can be Personal Rapid Transit, featuring podcars. These vehicles will not be driven by man. They will ply using magnetic lanes to a destination of the passenger’s choosing.

Masdar is not a distant dream. Some of the work regarding this city has already progressed. The construction cost of this city would be between $15 and $30 billion dollars. This project is funded by the ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Designers of this city will also use some of the technologies inspired directly from lunar base concepts. This technology will help in heat dissipation, shade, breezes and clean air for all Masdar inhabitants.



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