Roundup: Support of offshore drilling comes late

President Obama has now decided that offshore
exploration for oil and natural gas is important for
our economy. This is a political ploy used to gain
support for a very controversial cap-and-trade
energy bill (“Obama: Offshore drilling part of
broader plan,” News, April 1).

The obvious question to ask is why offshore drilling
has been blocked by the president and Democrats
for years. If it had been approved earlier, our
economy would be in better shape and our
dependency on foreign energy sources markedly

In addition, the billions used to purchase energy
from foreign countries would have been invested
here. The benefits would be lower utility costs for
businesses and citizens, lower gas prices, and more
jobs for those involved with exploration,
processing, refining, transporting and distributing
the oil.

We should have kept focusing on oil, natural gas,
nuclear energy and coal for civilian, industry and
military use rather than alternative energy sources.

Wind and solar power are not reliable enough to
meet our needs. Also, the subsidization of ethanol
is a prime example of bad energy legislation and
should not be repeated. Ethanol is costly, inefficient
and pollutes the environment.

Marvin L. Hoovis; Centerville, Mass.

Irresponsible gains

As one who did not buy at the top of the housing
market and who also rejected my lender’s offer of
more money when I refinanced, I could not agree
more with your criticisms of the government’s loan
modification program (“Get out of the business of
mortgage modifications,” Our view, Foreclosures
debate, April 1).

Millions of us were sober and responsible, only to
watch as the profligate and irresponsible have been
handed huge piles of government money to get out o
f financial problems of their own making. That
money ultimately comes from me and the millions
like me.

And as your editorial correctly points out, “This is
bailing out bankers because it’s impossible to help
borrowers without helping lenders as well.”

So responsible homeowners are bailing out the very
people and businesses whose actions have tanked
the economy. Everyone should fear the lesson this
has sent. We sober borrowers and businesspeople
might decide next time to join the party, and let
someone else nurse us through the financial

Steve Stanek; McHenry, Ill.


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