The First Non-stick, Non-toxic Cookware Line

Most of us have non-stick cookware in our kitchens, and why wouldn’t we? After all it makes cooking faster and clean up easy peasy. But did you know by using traditional non-stick cookware we are putting ourselves, our families, and our planet at risk? And no, I am not referring to my cooking skills (or lack thereof)!

In order to make a pot or pan non-stick, the cookware is coated with chemicals during the manufacturing process. These chemicals known as PFOA (pertluorooctanoic acid) burn off and release toxic gasses into the air during the manufacturing process as well as every single time the pot is put on the burner or the pan in the oven! Studies have shown that these gasses have negative effects on both people and our surrounding environment. Kinda scary to think about huh?

Well there is solution, other than eating frozen dinners 24/7, and it is Ecolution! Ecolution is the first non-stick, non-toxic line of eco-friendly cookware – launched by Epoca, a leader in the cookware industry. Ecolution Cookware is made with Hydrolon – their exclusive PFOA FREE non-stick safer solution for healthy and eco-friendly cooking. Now with Ecolution, you can pretend you are a master chef in the kitchen without worrying about the harmful effects your concocting may have on your family or the environment!


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