About the EcoLuxury Revolution

The EcoLuxury Revolution is all about BIG ideas.

The idea that it is possible to break out of the scarcity mentality that tells us ecological performance is based upon diminished expectations and sacrifice. The idea that higher energy efficiency and performance allows luxury to blend beautifully with eco-friendly living. The idea that livability and sustainability are not mutually exclusive… that there is an entirely new methodology and better technology for designing, building, erecting and enjoying our living spaces.

Believe it or not, you can save the world by living in luxury.

the big green lie

The Myth…

Traditional thinking tells us that we don’t yet have solutions for pressing environmental problems. That a house is just a house – it can’t change the world.
Guess what? The revolution is here!

the truthThe Truth…

The reality is that efficiency allows eco-friendly living without diminished expectations. Higher performance, minimal energy use and reducing waste allows luxury to coexist with sustainable living.

2002alpineThe Living Proof

Introducing 2002 Alpine! A cutting-edge project in Boulder, Colorado is pioneering the future of home building in America and will change forever the way we relate to our homes and the earth.

The EcoLuxury Revolution brings 50 years of German engineering and many innovations to the US. Our partners have redesigned the entire way we relate to and enjoy our homes while protecting the earth. This new approach melds technology, craftsmanship, social responsibility and smart systems to change the housing game for everyone, everywhere.

Current methods used to build homes are outdated and can’t be ‘tweaked’ into the 21st century with another layer of glass in windows, caulking, weather-stripping, thicker insulation, solar hot water, pricey appliances or any other minor adaptation to tired, inefficient techniques.

WeberHaus and Vireo offer a revolutionary process utilizing carefully managed resources, stellar workmanship, factory controlled environments, transportation efficiency, top-of-the-line interiors and incredibly low tolerances to create a new and better kind of house.

Want to know more?  Visit www.ecoluxuryrevolution.com.

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