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The True Value of Green

By David Peri

Green is the leaves and needles of healthy, thriving, living forests.  Green signals best environmental efforts conserving Nature.  Green is the color of the American dollar.  Green performance wastes nothing – not energy, nature, health, materials, time or money.

The latest 5th generation German WeberHaus home construction matches your unique architectural design with high-quality aerospace CAD/CAM construction, sustainable natural materials in the hands of certified master-craftsmen to produce arguably the Greenest homes in the world.  These homes marry the best possible technology, materials and craftsmanship producing verifiably a moral home for centuries of living in harmony with Nature, adding value and saving money – not at one step, but at every step.  This Green performance is measurable – from start to finish – for a home built for generations, as aesthetically beautiful and delightful to live within as it is morally in harmony with Nature without. Here, Green is the best, fastest, strongest, healthiest, natural, moral and money saving way to build on earth.

Objective Green Advantages

Four verifiable ways measuring Green value:

  1. Empirical, scientific advantages inside and out delivering measurable savings of time, health, money, energy and materials;
  2. Subjective emotional advantages from living within aesthetically beautiful spaces flooded with natural light and materials delighting the senses – supporting greater productivity and harmony;
  3. More healthful living where natural organic materials grown and harvested sustainably provide a living environment free of those common building materials known to produce harmful gases aggravating asthma, allergies and other ills;
  4. Increased ethical living by knowingly not sacrificing the future – of your own future great grandchildren – of the earth’s resources and other living creatures – by rising above the common selfishness of the modern consumptive lifestyle.

Green isn’t an empty colorless boast.  Independent, 3rd-party verification of each and every Green performance claim is available.  These Green home advantages are measured in lifetimes – yours, your family’s, your neighbor’s, and the rest of the world outside your home.  These homes produce healthy environments – inside and out – delivering value measured to anyone willing to take the time to look and see.  This is a Return-On-Investment that saves money, time, health, energy, materials and something more valuable – the future.

Sustaining a healthy thriving earth isn’t an impossible utopian dream but a choice.  Standing on the shoulders of centuries of advancement, today a 21st Century home is available using best practices to deliver the best possible shelter for those who can’t afford anything less.

Green is a simple color, meaning the best, most valuable, without apology, waste or excuse.


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The Meier Residence – Boulder, CO

This timber frame alpine house built in Boulder, Colorado takes advantage of striking mountain views by utilizing high efficiency European windows and sliding doors. With an in-wall radiant heating system and passive solar, the house stays warm on the coldest days in winter while using a minimal amount of energy.

German precision-engineered homes break the mold by combining efficiency with high performance and exceptional elegance.

A home should be unique, accommodate your lifestyle, and make you feel good. It’s important that for such a large investment you get the house that you want. Intelligent design enables people to live in luxury as they define it, in a house they love, while still remaining true to their values. The Meier residence proves that homes can be beautiful, functional and efficient, but also in harmony with nature. Through their revolutionary approach to home building, Vireo is constructing houses that have a minimal impact upon the earth and are a delight to live in.

The technology used to construct the Meier’s gorgeous, livable and efficient home is similar to Vireo’s approach to 2002 Alpine – the company’s ground-breaking ecoluxury home being built now.   www.2002alpine.com











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